Autocares Rodríguez Gómez S.L. A company from Huelva


We’re a family business devoted to passenger service located at 104, Alonso Morgado, in Villanueva de los Castillejos, Huelva.

We have a 30-vehicle fleet at your disposal, comprised of coaches, microbuses and taxis.

Our workers are a professional, qualified team in continuous training who ensure the proper functioning of the company.

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Quality Certificates

UNE -­ EN ISO 9001:2008
Quality management system

sello calidad empresa registrada


UNE -­ EN ISO 14001:2004
Environment management system

sello calidad gestion ambiental


UNE -­ EN 13816:2003
Passenger transport

Sello calidad servicio certificado

Quality control system

sello calidad iqnet

Our main priorities

• Reliability and timeliness.

• Proper and friendly service.

• Adequate vehicle maintenance.

• Environmentally friendly.