Early years

The origins of Autocares Rodríguez
Gómez go back to 1956

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First steps

In 1972, they bought their first microbus – a 19-passenger Avia –  due to the need to transport workers from our village to the surrounding farms and properties. It was from that moment that the passenger transport service began.

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In 1972 the first
microbus was purchased

On 1973, it began the construction of the river Chanza dam, pump-station and channel. From that moment on,  the need to transport workers from the village arose. Thus, Rodríguez Gómez brothers decided to purchase two more coaches: a 27-passenger Avia and a 48-passenger Pegaso Comet.

From 1984 onwards, the family
members started joining the company

In 1977, Rodríguez Gómez started up the workers transportation service from the village to the different cannery industries in the coast: Usisa and Pérez y Feu.

Shortly after, they started to work for schools and in ocassional transports, so more vehicles were purchased in order to cope with the demand.

From 1984 onwards, the family members started joining the company.

They kept working as self-employed staff until 1995. It is then that external workers (non-immediate family members) began to join the company.

Autocares Rodríguez Gómez S.L. is established

In 1995 a new private limited company is created

40% of our vehicles are adapted for people with reduced mobility

Nowadays, the company founded by Matías and Pedro is supported by their sons, grandchildren and a great group of employees.